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File Shares Speed


File Shares Speed

Hi all


Staff are using VPN tunnelling. Split tunnelling is used to filter out Office 365 traffic only.


Some staff are complaining about the speed of browsing file shares and I'm not sure if this is expected or not. Their normal broadband speed is about 100Mbps. Connecting to the VPN reduces this to about 11Mbps.


I'm not sure if this behaviour is just to be expected (based on encrypting traffic, etc) or if there's something I can check?

Community Manager

Re: File Shares Speed

There could be a couple of things go on here, because home broadband speeds are often much greater than the throughput capacity of many corporate networks, and network latency can also be a problem for fileshares.


For example, if your PCS appliances are at full capacity, then you can add more PCS applicances, and sopread the user load across them. However, a single user throughput would still be limited by the throughput of the PCS applaince, and by the corporate network.