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Flash website

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Flash website

Hi all,

we are trying out an SA4500 for access to our intranet. we have 2 webservers one works brilliantly but the other has most of its content written in coldfusion/flash and we are struggling with it.

so can anyone help me with the following:

we need a simple/easy click this button link that connects to our intranet website and displays all the content.

we can get the simple link to work with a bookmark but some of the content doesnt display correctly and we think its the flash or the content rewrite that is causing the issue.

if we turn on the "don't re-write content, redirect to web server" option we get a message saying that the server cannot be contacted? is this because it is an internal server and not a publically accessible one? would this only work if we used network connect?

we really don't want to use network connect if possible and stick with the bookmark solution so if anyone can offer any help I'd really appreciate it.



Would we need to use network connect to get access to this resource

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Re: Flash website


did you enable Flash rewriting?

[User role] -> Web -> Options > (toggle) View advanced options > (check) Allow Flash Content

Without it you will have problems with Flash.

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Re: Flash website

Hi yes we have enabled the Flash option.

the problem is with form data and rewites. the flash form just sits there with icon spinning and doesn't populate the field.

Our developer says that the re-write is what is causing the issue and wants it so that no re-writing occurs.

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Re: Flash website

Have you tried using PTP (pass throught proxy) rewriting?

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Re: Flash website

thanks for the idea but it still wants to re-write content according to the options.

is there no way that the SA can just act as the endpoint onto the network and then just pass bog standard https traffic through itself?


Re: Flash website


The fact that page is not coming up correctly when going through the rewriter is something that can be addressed by opening a case with JTAC. The suggestion of Passthrough Proxy (PTP) is valid as it does still rewrite the content, however, it's not as intense, but just as secure, and can sometimes get around rewrite issues.

To answer your other question, the only way to pass the traffic is via the rewriter or a client-side app like NC (as you suggested, WSAM, or JSAM).

I would suggest trying PTP first and if that fails open a case with JTAC (since you seem to be against running NC or any other client-side app).

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Re: Flash website

enable the do not rewrite option and in the resource use the sites fqdn, this way you will get a clean link outside of the rewriter, i have about 5 sites i have to do this for and it works everytime

so it should read

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Re: Flash website

If it is written in anything newer than Flash 7, it is not supported; however, JTAC can take a look at it to see if there is anything that can be done. For Flash content through the IVE, the best option is to use passthrough proxy as Jahmal recommended.

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Re: Flash website

Can somebody give an example of how to configure PTP?

I have a flash module that won't load through the rewriter. Its an event gallery on my intranet called Ultra Photo Gallery.


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Re: Flash website

there are two ways to do PTP

you can assign a diffrent port this way your user will click the link and will be sent to a new url or what ever port you choose. i do not recommend this feature as most companies do not allow these non standard ports outbound.

2nd way is to assign a new dns name for PTP and when the user click on this link they will be sent to the site without re writing i am using this for most of my flash sites.