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Force SVW if only the Advanced Malware check fails?

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Force SVW if only the Advanced Malware check fails?

The lack of support for Vista and the Advanced Malware Detection is causing us some issues. Is there a way to force the Secure Virtual Workspace if all host checks pass except for Advanced Malware Detection?

We're not using SVW now because it's so slow but we're hoping this will get the Vista clients some connectivity.

We do require all host checks get passed before the login page is presented.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone can lend. We're currently using v6.0R2 and we know we have to go to v6.1 to get Vista support for SVW.

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Re: Force SVW if only the Advanced Malware check fails?


I was just looking back through some of the questions that had not had an answer yet, I am sorry you have had to wait a while for a response. 6.1 is now available so you have probably upgraded, however, to answer your original question for posterity.

1) User goes to a default sign-in realm

2) A HC strictÓ pre-authentication health checker policy then checks for AV, FW, etc, as per your policy.

a. If the client passes they move onto the next policy (2)

b. If the client fails they are given standard remediation advice

3) A HC MalwareÓ pre-authentication health checker policy that checks for malware software

c. If the client passes Ð they are presented with a sign-in box.

d. If the client fails Ð they are directed to a SVW realm sign-in area.

Note: "HC Strict" would have to be run in the SVW realm to prevent users attempting to bypass the "HC Strict" policy by going direct to the SVW realm URL. The slight down side of this is that "HC Strict" would run twice, once in each realm.

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