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Frequent disconnection with PCS version 9.0.3

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Frequent disconnection with PCS version 9.0.3

We are experiencing random frequent disconnections with Pulse Secure Desktop client. users are getting disconnected within 20-30 seconds. Below is the infra details we are running on: -


PCS version: - 9.0R3 (64003)

Desktop client version: - 9.0.3 (1599)

OS version: - Windows 7 & Win 10 build 1803


If we delete the old connection entry from the client machine and create a new one, then this issue seems to be resolved. 


we have raised a case with TAC and they are suspecting the frequent disconnection is happening because of some third party client. we have Bluecoat unified agent and clearpass installed in the endpoints.


Please suggest.


Re: Frequent disconnection with PCS version 9.0.3

i agree that blucoat & clearpass can cause problems (I have seen them both cause this behavior); however, it is odd that updating the connection resolves it
leaving the original connection set it, if you remove clearpass & bluecoat, does the issue resolve?
do clearpass and bluecoat have client logs that report what they are doing?
can you PM me the case number so i can take a look at the logs, please?

Re: Frequent disconnection with PCS version 9.0.3

I agree with the fact that control channel of the VPN connection gets disconnected due to some third party apps, however as @zanyterp pointed out, deleting/creating the connections resolves the issue is weird 🤔
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