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GINA signon error

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GINA signon error

I am trying to deploy NC (w/ HC) on devices protected with SEP_5.1MR6. The issue we are having is when the system is rebooted and the user is presented with the GINA signon - if they do not wait ~ 60 secs their connection attempt will fail. If we uninstall the firewall, the connection attempt is successful. I am being told there is no way to make an exception in the firewall to allow the connection attempt. Is there anyway to delay the GINA signon box or set the retry attempts or intervals higher for the GINA function? I would like to avoid the error to the user even if it requires the connection attempt be delayed.


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Re: GINA signon error

Hi DId you ever resolve this issue  < i currently have a issue whereby when users authenticate against the GINA it loads but then netConnect simply does not load ...  

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Re: GINA signon error

this does mean that authentication to SA is successful but the network connect is not connecting, maybe speficic to client systems,did you try unistalling all juniper components, reinstalling it and then test