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GUI EULA acceptance

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GUI EULA acceptance



I am asking your support about an issue we are facing on virtual appliances.

We use on virtual platforms some variables to avoid console configuration and have a working gateway after the deployment.

Issue we have with 9.1R9 is that even if we accept the license agreement in console then we need to accept it again into GUI. Till we do that we are not able to push any configuration updates through DMI or REST API. That is a problem for automatic configuration.


Has someone faced this issue too?



Re: GUI EULA acceptance

@manum I can relate how that can be a problem for push configuration (XML push) as it's not capable of accepting EULA which will be presented during the initial login. EULA prompt is just like admin-confirm page, an intermediate page which will prevent the push config to be successful, however thought REST API would be unaffected by that prompt, yet turns out it is affected too Smiley Sad


Can you please open a support ticket as this might probably require help from our engineering team? Smiley Happy

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Re: GUI EULA acceptance

Yes, that is expected for new deployments and immediately after upgrade.
This is a newly implemented change in 9.1R9: the first login post-upgrade will require accepting the EULA prior to allowing admin access