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Global restrict policy?


Global restrict policy?

I want to allow users to certain IPs and any ports to those IPs.

Is there any way to do something like a global allow policy for the realm or role?

Right now it seems like I have to setup something in each tab option -web, sam, nc, pulse,etc.

Using AD with Groups if that matters.



Re: Global restrict policy?

web bookmarks, sam, NC all use seperate ACLs, you cannot create one for all.

Which type of access are you giving to your users? Its unlikely that yu are providing them with several ways to connect to one server...

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Re: Global restrict policy?

Since each access mechanism (web rewrite, NC, SAM, pulse) are different in the way they work, there cant be one global policy for all, as it defeats the very purpose of having these variety to suit different customer requirements.
Based on what type of access you choose to provide to end users you can configure one global policy within that access type to be applied when users get mapped to specific roles.