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HA upgrade w/Active/Passive scenario MAG-4610 Cluster

New Contributor

HA upgrade w/Active/Passive scenario MAG-4610 Cluster

I have been doing a lot of reading about this and being my first upgrade for this type of device I just wanted to be sure of something.I apologize in advance if this has already been explained but I see nothing specific to this entirely.

The documentation ( on this states the following:
Juniper Networks recommends to upgrade the passive node first. Once the upgrade is complete, the passive node will push the service package to the active node and cause the VIP to failover to the passive node. All existing user session will be automatically transferred to the passive node. When the active node has completed the upgrade process, the passive node will remain the VIP owner. If you would like the active node to own the VIP again, a manual failover is required.Juniper components will be upgraded only for new user sessions. Existing session will not be affected.

but I am unsure HOW to do this since when you upgrade it doesn't give you the choice of which Member you can upgrade first. In a Active/Passive scenario is the "leader" the one that will be upgraded first then the passive one? Or is there something else to it? I'm guessing you have to make whoever you want to upgrade leader first then do the upgrade, and the rest is automatic .. but I just want to be sure.
Occasional Contributor

Re: HA upgrade w/Active/Passive scenario MAG-4610 Cluster

You can login to the passive node and do the upgrade on there. If you login via the VIP, it will always take you to the active node.

I'm not sure how much it matters to do the Passive node first. They don't list any reasons why. I have done it both ways.