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HELP: SSO for OWA 2003

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HELP: SSO for OWA 2003

exchange URL: (Auth by windows AD)

SA version: 6.5

Auth server: LDAP, LDAP Server Type: AD

when user Login SA,usename is test, passowrd is XXXX,but exchange need [email protected]

Could you tell me how to SSO. I tried NTLM and basic auth,and no successful.

Sorry for my bad english,

the Attachments is screenshot,plese give me a point.


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Re: HELP: SSO for OWA 2003

Hey Jihuan - this will never work as you have it defined. One way to do this is to change your username variable. You currently have the variable "<[email protected]>" - change this to "<username>" where you have the domain actually specified. IE - "<username>" - that will work for you.

Not sure if there is a way to set and then pass the fully qualifed domain data. But this will work.