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HP Quality Centre Access

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HP Quality Centre Access


Just wanting to know if anyone has experience configuring access to HP Quality Centre.

The issue I see is after downloading the activex, it presents the user with a blank page. I then tried updating the Activex parameters configured to Rewrite Hostname but it displays an error "file did not pass signature checking"

One thing I have noticed is the URL displayed in the browser bar is:,,SSO=U+start_a.htm

If I manually change +start_a with /start_a I can access the page:,,SSO=U/start_a.htm

Any help/pointers appreciated. Running 6.3R1-2.



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Re: HP Quality Centre Access

I'm encountering a similar problem with HP Quality Center 9.2. Opering through a SA-4000 running 6.4R3 (build 14619).

Utilizing an ActiveX re-write of:
CLASSID=98c53984-8bf8-4d11-9b1c-c324fca9cade; with parameters of NPCODEBASE, SetupFile, SetupExtFile, and TdRootURL for static and dynamic URL,

I can get it to the point of presenting the login screen. At that point, the login screen presents "Server has been disconnected while performing Login Action"

Has anyone resolved problems with HP's Quality Center?

Thanks, Tom


Re: HP Quality Centre Access


Did anyone manage to get this working through the re-writer and if so do they have any guidelines for it. I'm currently looking to try and get HP Quality Centre 10 working but after selecting the bookmark and allowing the ActiveX download/install I just get a pop-up window error saying "Failed", they only way to stop it is to exit IE.

Currently running IVE 6.5R6