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HTML5 SSH ressource private key

New Contributor

HTML5 SSH ressource private key


I'm moving all my good old java SSH bookmarks to HTML5 bookmarks.

SSH works fine, but I'm unable to get the private key authentication working.

I tried importing a private key to the bookmark, but when launching the bookmark, the SSH session asks me for a passphrase (while the private key has been saved with no passphrase).

If I generate a new private key, when I inpute the private key, I can't connect neither.

Thanks for your help !

New Contributor

Re: HTML5 SSH ressource private key

Hi, I finally found by myself.


If (as it was the case) you generate your private key with PuttyGen, you just have to load it again in PuttyGen, go to "Conversion" tab and choose "OpenSSH" output format.


The content of the so-generated file can then be copy/pasted as you priv key authentication in your HTML5 ssh bookrmark.


Re: HTML5 SSH ressource private key

Thank you for the hint!