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Hardware Upgrade - 2500 to 4500

New Contributor

Hardware Upgrade - 2500 to 4500

Hi, I'm considering a hardware upgrade of a 2500 Cluster to a 4500 Cluster to increase user capacity. Regarding device configuration would this just be a simple task of backing up the config on the 2500's and then restoring to the 4500's?

I've been looking around the forums and Knowledge Base but don't seem to be able to find any comments/suggestions on this.

Any help appreciated,



Re: Hardware Upgrade - 2500 to 4500

I'm not sure... I'm afraid it won't work if you use either full XML export or config dump / push.

You might get a lot done with partial XML exports.

Note that if you have different IVE OS versions (including Revisions), you don't even have to try. So: if the target e.g. has 6.5R2 and the source has 6.4R1, do an upgrade of the source first.

Best of luck!

New Contributor

Re: Hardware Upgrade - 2500 to 4500


We would ensure that both devices have the same code on them before trying to move the config. Are there any 'Juniper' recommended methods of doing this sort of upgrade?

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Re: Hardware Upgrade - 2500 to 4500

Hi Andy,

You will have an issue by importing the system.cfg (complete) from SA-4500 to 2500, so when you import the system.cfg to import certificates, please select Import everything except network settings, then select Import certificates and import, then do the user.cfg and/or ivs.cfg.

Reason is the NIC driver is different in these 2 platforms and would cause NIC to be able to connect.

User.cfg and ICS.cfg are ok to directly import.

Thanks and hope this helps.