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Health monitoring of Secure Access

Occasional Contributor

Health monitoring of Secure Access

Hello all


Has anyone had much luck with setting up health monitors from their load balancer of choice to the SA devices? I have followed this guide:


But when I apply:


Send stringhttps://Secure Access Service Controller-Hostname/dana-na/healthcheck/healthcheck.cgi?status=all

Receive string: HTTP/1.1 200 OK




Send string: https://Secure Access Service Controller-Hostname/dana-na/healthcheck/healthcheck.cgi?status=all

Receive string: Security gateway is accessible


...the virtual server that is the MAG IP endpoint always goes offline. I'm using the F5 GTM product to do this monitoring by the way.


In an ideal world what would be great is to have a monitor that initially probes the SA, the SA returns back the current number of SSL connections. The load balancer then removes that node from the pool if the number of SSL connections is above a certain limit.


Any ideas?

Thank you