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Help- configuring Sharepoint 2007 for Extranet users

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Help- configuring Sharepoint 2007 for Extranet users

I am trying to allow external users (non windows 2003 domain users) access to Sharepoint 2007 on my win2k3 domain. I will like the external users to authenticate locally to my SA2000, and then configure a secondary logon for the users to authenticate to my AD.

I have created a seperate login page only allowing access the Sharepoint as the landing page.

When I carry out a test login as a user , I authenticate successfully locally to my SA2000, however when I click on the Sharepoint link ,I am challenged for domain authentication repeatedly.

I have specifed user credentials on secondary authentication of the realm as pre-defined ,but the IVE does not appers to be passing this over to my win2k3 domain authentication server.

I have defined a resource policy with NTLM user specified credentials. The Policy logs states not match on the policy.

Can anyone help in troubleshooting this issue?


Re: Help- configuring Sharepoint 2007 for Extranet users

Seem like extra work without undestanding the reasons why you are doing it this way. Why not just have users authenticate to AD from the sign in page (rather than local) and just have Sharepoint as a bookmark under the Web tab for the User Role?

Message Edited by Daver109 on 01-23-2009 11:39 AM