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Help with SA-4000 redirect to sharepoint 2010

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Help with SA-4000 redirect to sharepoint 2010

Juniper SA-4000 (7.1 R1)

I must preface this by saying i've never used a juniper SA before. I've setup a web-access resource profile that points to an internal Sharepoint site. However if i don't use any re-write options it formats the links, but passthrough after sign in works perfectly. The re-formatting of the URL's however breaks more than a few features.

Using the re-writing options (no re-write WSAM) i can't get the passthough to work as expected. The user can authenticate, but the passthru times out. if you refresh it will ask you for the sharepoint creds and then will bring the site up. The links then work beautifully! However i can't expect folks to refresh a site and re-auth.

Does anyone know if what i'm trying to accomplish is possible? I've looked at several documents, but none seem to specifically mention my timeout/re-auth issue.

Regards and thanks in advance!



Re: Help with SA-4000 redirect to sharepoint 2010

I would suggest that you verify that your configs are inline with the recommended SA configs for SharePoint2010 PTP access as detailed in KB19908 (

You may also want to check KB20085 ( for details on what is and what is not supported for Sharepoint 2010 web access via the SA.

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Re: Help with SA-4000 redirect to sharepoint 2010

I've followed the passthough proxy doc and can re-direct to the sharepoint 2010 site using that method, however it still formats the URLs causing the links on the sharepoint site to fail.

None of the functionality documents seem to mention anything about specifically the changing URLs. Well - not in any jargon that I picked up anyway. I'm going to chalk it up to "it can't do it" maybe not a fair assessment and perhaps someone sometime will prove me wrong.

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Re: Help with SA-4000 redirect to sharepoint 2010

what URL formatting are you referring to? if you are referring to the use of <ive>/<sharepointpath>danainfo,<server and path>, this is correct and the functionality of the rewriter.

if you don't want to use the rewriter, which you hint you are not using, you need to have WSAM, JSAM, or Network Connect up and running to handle the connection to the backend servers.

does enabling custom headers have a positive impact?

another option is to open a case with JTAC for further investigation (please use Rewrite troubleshooting and log collection_ for the logs needed).