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Host Checker Crash with IE


Host Checker Crash with IE

How to solve the next problem.

I created an antivirus host checker policy and marked all antivirus products to be checked by the hostchecker.

When you log in to the system internet explorer wil crash.

With about 150 products it is going well. But i want the all


Re: Host Checker Crash with IE

Try separating the list of AVs into 2 rules. You can do this still in a single policy. I seem to remember that if you do them all in a single rule, then it overloads the buffer.


Occasional Contributor

Re: Host Checker Crash with IE

I have the same probelm as you. My company wants to support every AV/FW known to man. I actually ended up having to separate mine into different policies (4 now) because doign separate rules inside the policy still crashed IE. Here are some things I have done to make the experience a little better (for me and the user). in my first policy, I check for all of the "popular" software, things that i believe most people will have, i.e. Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc. As part of the mitigation for that policy, I tell it to run the other 3 policies. This way, if a user has one of these AVs, they only have to download a few Host Checker DLLS.

hope this helps a little.