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Host Checker - Proxy Override


Host Checker - Proxy Override


we are using SA4500 with version 6.5R3.1 running.

We have the followeing problem:

Normally our users have to access the internet via a proxy server in our LAN.

So we defined Proxy Override settings in Internet Explorer for our SSL VPN Gateway (DNS Name and IP).

The user is able to connect to the Login Page with "normal" internet (without proxy).

The login also is successfull.

But the problem is now, that the cache cleaner and host checker try to connect our SSL VPN

Gateways over the local proxy server. The proxy override settings are not working for host checker.

Anyone else with this problem?
Any solutions?

Kind Regards,


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Re: Host Checker - Proxy Override

If you run a wireshark capture you'll be able to see which sites the applications are trying to connect to. Once you have that information you can put those servers into your proxy bypass list.

You should only need to put the IVE domain into the bypass proxy list.