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Host Checker Statement of Health

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Host Checker Statement of Health

I am using the ESAP from several years, but with the rapid evolution of the free AV and ESAP do not keep up, I'm thinking to start to use SoH for windows machines.

There are some old blog entries like [url=]Windows Security Center: Fooling WMI Consumers[/url]

But in Windows 7 and up the Security Center stills be vulnerable to this kind of changes?

It is safe to use SoH insteed of ESAP just to check the basic AV, Firewall and so one?

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Re: Host Checker Statement of Health

You should be fine to use it; I would recommend checking with your account team, though, to make sure it is still planned for support. I thought I heard in the last 6 months or so that it would no longer be supported but I could have it conflated with another Host Checker feature