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Host Checker Support Question

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Host Checker Support Question

Wondered if anything has changed in the process to request a new product be supported by the Host Checker.

The usual process I have done in the past if an AV product wasn't detected by the Host Checker was to open a support request and upload the logs from the latest ESAP Diag and then work with support to have support added for the product.

My latest request I went the usual process through support but at first I was told it was dependent upon the code level of my MAG and then told my ESAP was current and to wait for support to be added but I could always submit a request through my local sales rep.

Re: Host Checker Support Question

No, there has not been a change
There are, however, still times in which the PCS OS code or Host Checker module that calls the OPSWAT modules need to be changed and that will require the process you outlined