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Host Checker for Resource Policy question

New Contributor

Host Checker for Resource Policy question

Anyone know if you can have a host checker policy only enforce on a resource policy?  Specifically, I don't want the host checker policy to be enforced on the Realm or Role, but do want it enforced when accessing Network Connect.  There's a detailed rule section to apply such conditions, however I don't think it's getting enforced since it doesn't apply to a Realm or Role.  Can anyone shed some light on this or know if that's possible?


User has permissions to access Network Connect, but on a PC that does not pass the host checker policy.  Instead of refusing all access, I just want the NC portion removed.


Regular Contributor

Re: Host Checker for Resource Policy question

Make sure the host check is set to "Evaluate" on the Realm. Without this the result is not available.

Tip: Depending on which release you are using make sure the "Send reason strings" option is unchecked on the Host Check otherwise you will get the remediation screen if a user who fails the check connects to the realm even though you're not requiring it on the realm.