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Host Checker installation through Pulse Client

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Host Checker installation through Pulse Client

Hello world,


I need to deploy Pulse Secure Client (9.1) on 3 000 Windows machines.

I gathered the MSI installer through my MyPulse portal.


However, I noticed that Host Checker is not integrated inside the installer. It means that clients machine will need to download the HC component upon the first connection to the realm, which is not so efficient...

Is there a way to get a Pulse Client installer which include Host Checker components ?

Did you encounter the same uscenario ?


Thanks a lot




Re: Host Checker installation through Pulse Client

Pulse Client is designed to have an in-built host checker component called as Agent-based host checker, hence you don't need to install it separately. If the users attempt to use the web browser access, then the host checker would be downloaded and installed automatically which is a standalone agentless host checker.

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