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Host Checker on Mac

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Host Checker on Mac


I am trying to get a host checker policy to work with a mac.

I have added an example policy looking for the file mach_kernel or the process ClamXavSentry, both of which apply to the mac being tested.

However I dont see any java install of the host checker when logging in with safari 3, am I supposed to?

It comes up with the standard page and the Hostchecker circle/icon goes red and then in the policy trace logs it just says 'Host Checker restriction check failed for role Remote Desktop'

Any help greatly appreciated.



Valued Contributor

Re: Host Checker on Mac

Richard - host check on the MAC works just fine. You will not see a Java load. You will see a "loading components" message, the red Host Checker dot and then the HC will complete.

If it fails or passes you will see a message in the User log. If it fails you should see a message on the Safari screen in place of the login screen. I do a basic file check and the message shows the name of the missing file.

Hope that helps and welcome to the Forum!