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Host Checker problem (7.0R3)

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Host Checker problem (7.0R3)

Hi all,

We're having problems with Host Checker (version 7.0R3) on some of our computers and it's really bizarre.. you see, we have 3 identical SA-4500 clusters implemented regionally. Host Checker rules are identical in each cluster. User having this problem can usually login through 1 or 2 of the clusters, but 3rd one (usually the one user should use...) won't work. User gets "You are not allowed to sign in. Please contact your administrator". Computers are XP SP3.

I can see from policy trace that variable hostCheckerPolicy is always empty on these computers where it fails to run:

Variable hostCheckerPolicy =

(when logging in successfully, variable contains HC policy names)

We've tried to re-install the client software (uninstall all using Add/Remove Programs, manually remove Juniper directories, clean cookies from browser (IE7/IE8), sign in again), but it does not fix this problem.

Also, we've had this same issue with earlier version 6.4R2 also. I recently upgraded to 7.0R3 hoping that would solve the problem, but no luck.

Is it possible that despite uninstalling like above, HC still leaves some files or registry entries that could cause this kind problem? Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks much,


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Re: Host Checker problem (7.0R3)


I think I have exactly the same issue on my SA6500 7.0 R3 and ESAP version 1.6.6.

My only solution is to do many tries (more than 15), and I don't have the message anymore.

It's very strange and it created a lot of support issues because users do not understand and call the helpdesk...

Any help about this issue ?


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Re: Host Checker problem (7.0R3)

We are starting to get a number of users with the same issue 6.5R4.1 (build 15977) ESAP 1.6.1.

At first it was users in Asia, then one particular ISP in France, now users in Switzerland have started reporting the same issue. The strange thing is if they try from and ADSL line in the office it works.