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Host Chekcher on Maverick 10.9

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Host Chekcher on Maverick 10.9

Hi guys


I appreciate it if you can help me with this issue. I'm trying to run SSL VPN connection on Maverick 10.9.2, Java 7 U51 and Safari 7. I did already the security exceptions workaround on Java 51 and Safari, so, as a result I can log in successfully by Web browser, that sounds to me the host checker run successfully, however, I cannot get the network connect since the SSL version I have it is not supported on Maverick. Now I'm using junos pulse and I can log in, but it is still a limited connection since I get the message: ''Anti-Virus software listed in security requirements is not installed". I tried using Karsperky 8.5 and now I get this message from the debug log on my mac:


2014/04/29 05:34:25.576 1 root dsAccessService OpswatIMC p0342 t2D03 OpsSDK.cpp:383 - 'OpsSDK::upgradeSDK' verification of sdk files post-download indicate that the files are corrupted. can't upgrade to ESAP 2.5.1


SSL VPN SA2500 7.3R1 (build 21949)

Junos Pulse

ESAP version: 2.5.1


Is there a way I can make it work maybe a shell level?  it looks like there is host checker issue, so I'd like to exhaust the resources.


Many thanks,




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Re: Host Chekcher on Maverick 10.9

Hi Karen,


You have got the settings correct however the build you are running on the SA does not support Maverick.


Mac OS X 10.9 is supportedstarting with SA versions 7.4R7, 8.0R1 and higher.


Please refer the following KB for more information