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HostChecker MAC Lion and Norton

Occasional Contributor

HostChecker MAC Lion and Norton

Looking for something to use in hostchecker that will verify Norton Antivirus 12 for MAC OS 10.7 is installed on the MAC...of course with MAC OS version 10.7.

Tried looking for a file:
"/applications/Symantec Solutions/Norton"
The name of the file, and path, both contain a space.
I've tried it with the quotes and without. Both fail.

Tried looking for a process:
The process is there, but hostchecker does not see it.

Can anyone provide a good check that I can use?

I'd really like to give it a try.

Frequent Contributor

Re: HostChecker MAC Lion and Norton

Does Host Checker even install and run? I was under the impression that it didn't work on Lion yet.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HostChecker MAC Lion and Norton

We upgraded to 7.0R7, and that allowed HostChecker and Network Connect to run, but we had been using McAfee AV on previous versions of MAC OS, which no longer worked with LION, so we went with Norton.

This problem was resolved by upgrading the SA to 7.1R4...the first version to support MAC LION according to the release notes.