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HostChecker No Longer Works on Sophos 9.0.5


HostChecker No Longer Works on Sophos 9.0.5

Yesterday at around 2PM EST, all of my users who have Sophos 9.0.5 stopped passing the hostcheck for AV signature compliance.

I've looked at the OPSWAT XML file and see nothing out of place. They also say there is no issue on their end. Sophos says the same thing. The Juniper folks I've spoken with say that no one else is reporting this.

The issue is isolated to Sophos 9.0.5 only. All other versions are working fine as well as all other supported vendors.

We're running OS 7.0R3 with ESAP 1.6.8. No changes were made to the VPN since Jan 20th when ESAP 1.6.8 was applied during normal maintenance.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Re: HostChecker No Longer Works on Sophos 9.0.5

Yes! We get this all the time with Sophos.


In the past it had sometimes been due to the fact that the OPSWAT was checking for a version that Sophos hadn't yet released!



Now happening on our SSL VPN with 7.2R4 and Sophos v10x


Grrreat! (NOT)


It's a common reocurring problem.