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HostChecker dropping connections

New Contributor

HostChecker dropping connections

Has anyone seen hostchecker drop the connect due to insufficient security after 8 or 9 minutes? 

Antivirus is there and the firewall is on, it passes at first login but after a few minutes it stops.  This started after an hostchecker update but has only affected a handful of computers.  Still it is a problem.  Any suggestions?  Thanks 

Frequent Contributor

Re: HostChecker dropping connections

If host checker passes during the first attempt that means host checker is able to detect your antivirus and firewall.

Since host checker has capabilities to reevaluate based on an admin set interval it reevaluates the client for the same policies during this time if the check fails then users connection could be dropped.

Its important to confirm that the antivirus, firewall status is as per host checker requirement during all reevaluation.