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Hostchecker process check checksums fails

Occasional Contributor

Hostchecker process check checksums fails

Hi everybody!

I’m wanting to create a new hostchecker policy that checks if certain software is executing on the PC when the vpn connection is requested.


I created a hostchecker policy type “Custom Rule: Process”, in process name I specificated the process name and then added the md5 and sha256 checksums from the .exe file. I used the utility Get-FileHash of Windows Powershell to get the hashes. I've also used the tool provided in this KB Pulse Secure Article: KB16195 - How to create a MD5 checksum for Host Checker process checks.

But the hostchecker fails, from the log the message is “Necessary process not found, or checksum does not match”.

The issue is related with checksum. If I don't specificate the md5/sha256 checksums, the hostchecker pass.

I’ve calculated the checksums in three different PC and it’s always the same. Anybody knows how pulse or hostchecker is doing the checksum o where I can find this value in log?
Many thanks.


Re: Hostchecker process check checksums fails

what version of pcs are you using?
if you have not already done so, please open a case with our support team
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Re: Hostchecker process check checksums fails

PCS Version is 9.1.R11.5

PDC access is not affected, only browser access.

Ok, I'll open a case with Support. 


Many thanks