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How long were users connected reports?

How long were users connected reports?

I am trying to generate some reports to see how many people used the VPN last monday and tuesday, and for how long they were connected.   The logs I am looking at are very verbose and would take a long time to coorelate that data.  Curious if there are other reports, or scripts I can run on that data, to generate what I need?


What I am looking for


USER1  Connected 02/02/2019 at 0800 for 1 hour

USER2  Connected 02/02/2019 at 0812 for 1.5 hours


Or something similiar....




Re: How long were users connected reports?

Unfortunately, that is not something the appliance stores/generates.
If your syslog/log aggregator supports it, you could filter for when the user logs in (login succeeded for USERNAME; AUT31504 is this message ID) and then when the session ends (session ended for USERNAME; AUT22886 for a session timeout; or logout [AUT22673])