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How to completely reset SAM for a single user?

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How to completely reset SAM for a single user?



I would like to reset SAM settings for a single non-Admin user on a Win '10 Pro 1903 PC, as if the user had never used it before.


The first time a non-Admin user runs a SAM application (after an Admin has installed it and run it first on that PC), you get this prompt:

Setup Control - Warning
Do you want to download, install, and/or execure software from the following server?
Product name: Secure Application Manager
Software name: samsetupnt.exe
Server name: <>
Always / Yes / No


This is an indication that this user has never used SAM before.


I want to reset Juniper/Pulse Secure settings so that the next time this user launches the application, all previous user settings will be deleted, it will have a clean blank slate, and it will get this prompt again. There is an uninstall.exe in "C:\Users\<>\AppData\Roaming\Juniper Networks\Setup Client\", but it just deletes files, it leaves the registry settings.


Why do I want to delete the user settings?


Because there is a bug where a brand new user on a 1903 PC works, but a user whose settings were transferred over from a Win7 PC via USMT will not work. On the same PC.


Logical explanation? It's a user setting.


So... wiping the user's Juniper settings and logging in again should solve that problem.


How do you do it?


Thanks in advance.