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How to configure jrdesktop | Hosted Java Applet

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How to configure jrdesktop | Hosted Java Applet

Has anyone had any success configuring jrdesktop (similar to ProperJavaRDP) to allow remote users to connect via RDP to hosts from non-Windows operating systems (e.g., Mac OSX, Linux)? I have ProperJavaRDP setup and working but am curious to see if jrdesktop has more/better functionality for our end users. Specifically, I would like the option for our end users to specify which host session they would like to connect. With ProperJavaRDP this is all hard-coded and set as a global resource profile.

I downloaded the .jar file from, then uploaded that file to our SA4000 SSL VPN under Java Hosted Applets (did NOT specify to uncompress files since it is only one file, not in a compressed zip package).

When configuring under the TS resource profile, the HTML section states a few instances to replace text __PLEASE SPECIFY__. I'm unsure which class file to reference (tried jrdesktop.main.class along with a few others).

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Re: How to configure jrdesktop | Hosted Java Applet


A new version of jrdesktop has been released; check readme.txt for instruction