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How to do SSO to OWA 2007?

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Re: How to do SSO to OWA 2007?

Finnaly I made it works, Here is the config working for me with my OWA 2K7

Resource : https://[EXCH2K7-SRV]:443/owa/auth/logon.aspx?*
Post URL: https://[EXCH2K7-SRV]:443/owa/auth/owaauth.dll

destination destination https://[EXCH2K7-SRV]:443/owa/ User CAN change value
flags flags 0 User CAN change value
forcedownlevel forcedownlevel 0 User CAN change value
isUtf8 isUtf8 1 User CAN change value
password password <PASSWORD> User CAN change value
trusted trusted 0 User CAN change value
username username <USERNAME> User CAN change value

As mentionned, the ordered of parameters is important. By the lower or upper case make no difference for my config.

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Re: How to do SSO to OWA 2007?

Hi Aterockz,

Can you please record the web transactions using the "httpwatch" tool and sent it to me.

We warned that http-watch will record your password for OWA as well, so you can put the wrong password....the authentication will fail but we can still see the parameters being posted.

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Re: How to do SSO to OWA 2007?

Hi AteRockz,

Is it possible for you to sent me the capture from httpwatch plugin.....

Just follow the instructions in my previous post and save the capture.

Please remember that your username/password will be visible in the capture, so just put the wrong username/password for the sake of capturing the post information using the httpwatch plugin.


Re: How to do SSO to OWA 2007?

When using Firefox you should use firebug. A very cute tool, which will allow also to show post data without the need of registering that tool like for httpwatch ;-)

I can send you the following.




destination https://[SERVER-URL]/OWA/

flags 0

forcedownlevel 0

isUtf8 1

password [XXXXX]

trusted 0

username [DOMAIN]\[USERNAME]

I guess this is all you need.

Or are you searching something else in particular?

Best regards,