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I am facing bookmark authentication issue

New Member

I am facing bookmark authentication issue

Hi All,   i need help for SSO. i have allowed one bookmark via pulse vpn. and i have configured web sso on this application. when user login to portal and click to this bookamrk it's getting prompt for credential but same bookmark i have allowed through via our non-prod environment ssl vpn box that time a its not getting prompt. 

please help to resolve this issue.  i have attached screen shot.


Your help is highly appreciated.



Re: I am facing bookmark authentication issue

Hi Jana,


It's a NTLM authentication prompt. Check if a valid NTLM SSO policy has been configured and applied.


Navigate to Resource policies >> Web >> SSO >> General (SSO settings) >> check the settings configured on the non-prod device.


If the NTLM SSO settings are not configured, create one and navigate to Resource policies >> Web >> SSO >> Kerberos/NTLM/Basic Auth >> Create a new policy for the user role (compare with non-prod box).


Hope this helps!


- Ray.

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert