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IBM cognos web portal - missing icons

New Contributor

IBM cognos web portal - missing icons


we have implemented core access for our client who is using IBM cognos BI software.

all is working fine but when user is start using IBM contributor (port is changing to 9300)

icons on left panel aren't loading.

When we use Network Connect icons are showing.

client need core access and Icons are very important for customer - it shows status of project.

If any of you know what could be the problem?

There is nothing in logs


Frequent Contributor

Re: IBM cognos web portal - missing icons has a guide to various things to check - do you have a resource policy that includes the 9300 port access? Changing the caching policy for the URLs of the images might also help.

If tweaking the configuration does not display the images correctly, then follow on what to collect for a TAC case.

The Session recording (Maintenance > Troubleshooting > User Sessions > Session Recording) will have the HTTP requests and responses from both sides of the SA so you can inspect what the SA is doing with the image URLs and content, it can be hard to follow so if it does not make sense to you then please open a TAC case and they can explain what is happening in the session.

New Contributor

Re: IBM cognos web portal - missing icons

Thanks MattS

It seems that Rewriter don't rewrite img url's leaving: http://server_name/...gif

we have opened the case we will se what TAC says.