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IE 6 with NC and proxy

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IE 6 with NC and proxy

We've run into an issue with remote users who have Windows XP SP3 and IE 6 using a proxy.  This problem started last Thursday evening, Aug 25th, with certian users.  Seems that the proxy, in IE 6, when trying to connect through NC 6.5R5 is using the loopback address for the proxy, therefore, never connects via NC.

Users with IE 8 have no problem. 

Users that are NOT going through Time-Warner for their ISP, don't seem to have the problem either.  However, we have found a few users not going through Time-Warner to have the problem as well.

We've tested on many versions of NC, 6.3R4 - 7.1R3, and the problem is still there with IE 6 users.

Before Aug 25th, everyone was able to connect.  If we remove the proxy info from IE, it connects, but without the proxy pac file listed, they cannot access external resources.

No changes reported from the proxy admin, no windows updates, no change to the IVE config.  Personal firewall logs are clean.  AV reports nothing blocked.

I have a ticket open with Juniper, and an Advanced tech is as much confused as we are as to what the problem is.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Re: IE 6 with NC and proxy

If a user is on Time-Warner and then tries to connect from another ISP/location, does the same PC fail?

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Re: IE 6 with NC and proxy

Same computer, with no changes, fails on Time-Warner, then connects via an aircard or goes to another location, they can connect fine.

Time-Warner was contacted and they said there were no changes and the problem is not with them.  I didn't really expect a different answer.

If we remove the proxy, from the Time-Warner connection, it connects and get's an IP address from NC, but because the proxy in IE 6 isn't there, they cannot get to the internet, but local resources are accessible.  If we then put the proxy back, they seem to be fine.  Untill they disconnect and re-connect then they have the same problem.

When they connect, with Time-Warner, they get to the login page, can sign in, authenticate fine, but the NC client uses as the proxy, and never gets an IP from NC.  You can see in the sys tray a NC message... connection... retrying...