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Juniper say that IE8 is supported since 6.4 and it seem to work fine for existent client but we have a lot of problems with new user that have never connected to the box. I was wondering if someone else have had thoses kind of problems.

When a existent user (xp sp3) upgrade from IE7 to IE8, the activeX are automaticaly transfert and activate on to IE8 so there's no problems.

When a new user who never use the box before (xp or vista) try to enter with IE8. It doesn't work even if java is install and fonctionnal.

- In vista I've got as far as an java error message but was not able to enter at all.

- In XP, the page hang after only a couple of seconds.

Here's the workaroud that I have found (but this is not a long term solution).

1- Put the adresse of the SSL box into the "local intranet" sites of IE8

2- Load the web site. (the activeX will be uploaded and only if your an administrator)

3- Go to add-on manage page an activate juniper activeX

4- Remove the site from the "local intranet" sites

This workaround seems to work but you're absolutely need to be an administrator of the workstation. Since most of my users aren't........

I did the test with XP SP3 (french) and vista SP2 (french) on both ive 6.4R2 and 6.5R1 with the same results.

Someone as a clue?

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Re: IE8

Forgot to specify that all of our problem were when entering Secure Virtual workspace.

Since then, we've foud that by deactivating the Protect mode in IE8 (vista) solve the problem. Still looking for answer for XP.

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Re: IE8

FYI from the 6.5R1 release notes:

Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW)

-Using IE8 with SVW, IVE admin has to add iexplore.exe to the allowed list. (468042)

-When accessing help from IVE home browser inside SVW, JAVA script error may be shown. (466003)

-When user clicks on IE7 help inside SVW, the IE help window is shown on main desktop. (468625)

-SVW doesn_t support printers that do not use Windows print spooler. (433090)