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IPv6 support

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IPv6 support

Hi All


understand ipv6 is supported in 7.3 onwards. there is a document mentioned about the deployment type as below


endpoint use ipv6 and SA interface use ipv4 ISP Connectivity is transition mechanism 

Description of connection:

¥An IPv6 endpoint can connect to the IPv4 host through a NAT-PT, NAT64, or
DS-Lite transition mechanism. See Network Address TranslationÓ on the
Juniper Networks website for a description of NAT transition mechanisms
supported on Junos OS routing platforms.
¥ You must implement DNS64 to resolve the Secure Access Service hostname
to an IPv6-mapped IPv4 address.


my question here is does this type deployment method only working if SA box running 7.3 which is IPv6 supported? the reason i am asking is because there's no configuration change on this deployment type so i just wondering whether ive os before 7.3 support this kind of deployment method or not.


thanks in advance




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Re: IPv6 support

There is no IPv6 support prior to 7.3. With 7.3, you can configure access to the IPv6 network that will traverse IPv4 if needed. Is that what you were looking for?