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IVE 6.0

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IVE 6.0

I've been experimenting with IVE 6.0R3.2 and IVE 6.0R5 on our aging SA-3000s.  A few problems I've noticed in my simple environment.

1) JSAM fails to load under IVE 6.0 with Windows 2003 Server clients.  Yes I I know this isn't a supported client but JSAM under IVE 5.5 works great with Windows 2003 Server clients.   Tested with Sun Java VM 1.6.0_05 and 1.6.0_06 and IE 7 and Firefox  Java VM console window shows:

    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    at aa.a(Unknown Source)
    at d.a(Unknown Source)
    at CSApplet.start(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
basic: Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

And firefox.exe and iexplorer.exe start consuming memory almost like they're memory leaking. Switching the SA-3000 back to IVE 5.5R3 or IVE 5.5R5 and the Windows 2003 clients load JSAM just find.

2) With IVE 6.0R5 and Firefox and Sun Java VM 1.6.0_05 or 1.6.0_06, when a username/password authenticated (local AAA, RADIUS, etc.) user logs out, a few seconds later he is prompted for a client certificate by the Sun Java VM.  Very strange!  Happens with multiple clients, Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4.  We use https://<fqdn-of-sa-3000/ sign-in page for client certificate authentication realm and https://fqdn-of-sa-3000/local sign-in page for username/password authentication realm.  I suspect when a username/password user logs out, something is being redirected to the root URL, client certificates.  Switching the SA-3000 back to IVE5.5R3 or IVE 5.5R6 or IVE 6.0R3.2 eliminates this problem.

Oh well, IVE 6.0 is too buggy for me at the moment.

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Re: IVE 6.0

JSAM is not supported in Win2003 server but WSAM is.

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