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IVE ICE License automation

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IVE ICE License automation

We are looking to hopefully automate the enabling of our ICE licenses through some sort of external process.

Here is the track we are heading down:

Monitoring system polls OID for concurrent users

If user count is approaching max then send snmp write or DMI to enable ICE license

User count falls below threshold then send snmp write or DMI to disable ICE license

The documentation for DMI is almost as sparse as the sign-in page customization and we are finding it hard to believe we are the only ones who have come across this.

any ideas out there?


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Re: IVE ICE License automation

I don't believe this is possible; I don't believe that DMI can make any type of license changes.

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Re: IVE ICE License automation

Charles..I'm also planning to automate this ICE License automation.Did this work for you?