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Idle timeout when entering OTP

New Member

Idle timeout when entering OTP

We have a problem where a user needs longer time to enter the OTP number sent to him.
After entering Username/Password our SA4500 request a Radius server for Authentication and sends out an OTP number to users mail.
After that the Secure Pulse prompts the user to enter the OTP number.
The user have to walk to another room to receive the number since the mail is only allowed on a certain computer.
It takes about 5 minutes to do this, but the time he comes back to the computer with the Secure Pulse agent installed on an error message (Error 1382) shows that "Pulse timed out waiting for user input.Pulse will attempt to connect again shortly. Press Retry to start right away."

After investigating the matter, it will happen after exactly 120 seconds. I looked though the settings on our SA4500 but I can't seem to find any setting for this. The same happens when connecting though the web-interface (NC).

It this a setting which can be done in the SA4500 interface, or is this something hardcoded into the client?
I also checked the Authentication server, but it does not have option for this.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance

Re: Idle timeout when entering OTP

The timeout of 120 seconds is hardcoded and cannot be modified. I suggest you contact your account team to open an Enhancement Request for this use case.