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Install rolling back


Install rolling back

Hello All,

I've already checked previous topics but still unsuccessfull to install Pulse Secure in my PC.

You should know that I'm using Windows10 (64bit) and has another VPN installed (AnyConnect). 

1) Uninstalled VPN (AnyConnect) and tried to install Pulse Secure => Rolling back error

2) Created MaxNumFilters under registry and added value "14" => Rolling back error

Here below is exact screen:


Now I'm lost with no solution found!

Would you please assist me to solve as well?

Thanks in advance for your help.


New Member

Re: Install rolling back

I have the same problem when trying to uninstall on Windows 10. I keep geeting the message that "pulse secure 5.3 uninstall encountered and error and has rolled back"

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Re: Install rolling back

Yes , trying to do the same, but i'm stuck both on uninstalling Pulse Secure 5.3 and it wont do a repair, just rollback. When i do the repair i get the message "User account already exists"

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Re: Install rolling back

I have almost the same problem as you, only then on Windows 7. From what I’ve heard it could also be your antivirus like Kasparsky blocking the installation. The only known workaround for this is to first uninstall your antivirus and then install pulse secure. After that you should be able to install your antivirus again. This solution hasn’t worked for me though, maybe because I use Bitdefender instead.