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Integrating Reddot XCMS


Integrating Reddot XCMS


I experienced problems with the active scripting elements of the reddot cms system over the sa-2000.

The content (main window) seems to "hang" and responds after a couple of seconds with a pop up window

telling that the script is not responding.

You are asked to cancel the script or to wait.. you don't want to cancel it and wait.

After 1-2 seconds the content is being displayed.

This happens every time I switch some elements in the main window of the cms.

Disabling the active scripting on the cms server helps - but cuts some essential functionality.

It's not my reddot server and I am not familiar with the reddot cms, I just need to integrate it as a weblink.

Maybe somebody made already some experience with this cms and knows how to reach it over the sa.

With regards,


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Re: Integrating Reddot XCMS


  if you're experiencing trobles with rewriter then there are several options

1/ create JTAC ticket and supply troubleshoting informations (there is some kind of rewriting trace)

2/ use WSAM/JSAM or even network connect

3/ use passthrough proxy (hostname based needs I think additional external IP, or portbased)

hope this helps