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Internal Securemeeting Conductor - a simple query

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Internal Securemeeting Conductor - a simple query


Hope someone can help with a simple query about setting up access for Securemeeting conductors from the internal network side of an SA.

I'm working on a Juniper SA (with a lab license) to see how we would use the Securemeeting feature.

I've got it working when accessing as the conductor and the meeting recipient externally (from the internet) but the only logon that works from our internal network is the admin user using <SA6000>/admin (otherwise our hostchecker policy/ roles kicks in). We have a single realm that enforces a HC policy to check for AV versions etc followed by a network connect role. What do I need to do to setup a number of users that could be conductors (to support users on their computers on the internet) with these conductors accessing the SA from the internal network without the HC policy & NC roles applying.

I can get internally to the meeting sign-in page OK but as soon as I click on the "If you want to sign in as the Meeting Conductor, return to the Standard Sign-In Page link,  the HC policy kicks in and following login the network connect components start downloading and installing which then redirects the browser to our intranet.

Apologies if this seems simple but ideally what I would like is to have one role apply internally (no HC or NC) and  for the same user connecting externally a full HC and NC. I appreciate this may not be possible and I'm asking too much in terms of SA configuration.

Hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Internal Securemeeting Conductor - a simple query

I dabbled with this and found an answer. I added a new address and realm using the same authentication server . This allows users to login without hostchecker enforcement using the address <sa>/sm and restricted access to an internal subnet, I need to tighten up the role a bit more and further restrctions.