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Internet connectivity issues after using VPN

New Contributor

Internet connectivity issues after using VPN


Last night I connected to a VPN server for my school, and then without turning it off I put the machine to sleep. When I open it back up, two main issues begin to occur: my internet connectivity is suddenly extremely spotty, and the Pulse Secure client hangs on "disconnecting" status for very long when attempting to disconnect from the server. My internet connection drops very often, about once a minute or so. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the VPN server, removing and then readding the VPN server, restarting my computer, and looking at my network adapters, all which seemed to be in working order. What could be the potential problems to this, if it is even related to the VPN at all? Thank you all in advance!


Re: Internet connectivity issues after using VPN

what version of pulse are you using?
what client system are you using?