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Intranet in new tab or window

New Contributor

Intranet in new tab or window

New to SA and am wanting to have our intranet launch after successful sign in while preserving the SA welcome page (for the network connect launch button).

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Regular Contributor

Re: Intranet in new tab or window

can be this configured the other way around

1. Launch NC once the user is signed in and

2. Redirect users to intranet page




Super Contributor

Re: Intranet in new tab or window

If you want to launch Network Connect on every login, I think you could do the following -

  • Have Network Connect automatically start
  • User the custom start page option under the UI options to direct the users to your Intranet page.

Pretty sure this works, though I have never tried it.

If you coded a selective rewriting rule for your intranet page, the browser would go directly to the page through the NC session. If you don't, the access to the page will be via the rewriter.

If you don't want Network Connect to start on every logon, I think you are out of luck. There might be some clever way to make it happen by putting a link to the Network Connect start URL on your Intranet page, but I've never tried that.


Respected Contributor

Re: Intranet in new tab or window

it is not possible to have the start page display AND a custom page at the same time.

you will need to either auto-launch network connect and use your custom start page OR have users click on the home or mainpage link in the toolbar from the custom start page.