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Invisible Shares (or almost.....)

Invisible Shares (or almost.....)

I have a cluster of physical psa3000 with last firmware 9.1r16.2 with some resources (files, rdp's, html5 rdp, webUI etc). 

some days ago a couple of user started report me that all is ok but files, when they go to file section (web access to file & folder) the windows content is empty, no error but only empty file list.

I reviewed entire resource profile/policies/ACL firewall policies but cannot find anithing wrong.


yesterday 2 of my users was in San Francisco and one (Vic) have this problem, i ask other user (Pat) to check and all is OK :-O


so i ask Vic to try to connect on PC of  Pat and :

Vic on the Pat PC can access succesfully files and folders. so the problem is PC-related.

But this problem is new because me too on my PC (working some weeks ago) i cannot access files resources.


Anyone had this, or similar, problem so can drive me to the solution ?


Re: Invisible Shares (or almost.....)

are they using the same browser (e.g. both using IE, firefox, safari)?