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Issue with Oracle Forms


Issue with Oracle Forms

We are publishing an Oracle link as a Web Application Resource ( which is working just fine. When a particular form is launched, which used Jinitiator, the following error is displayed in the error section in the bottom-right hand corner of the browser:

Load:class oracle/apps/fns/formsClient/FormsLauncher.class not found

I think the form doesn't load because it is rewriting the URL in the address bar. If I open a new IE browser window, it works just fine because the above link is not rewritten. I have tried to do no write, passthrough proxy, WSAM and JSAM and cannot get it to work.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Re: Issue with Oracle Forms



Did you reach any solution, I do have the same issue plesse advise if any..

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Re: Issue with Oracle Forms

This is a very old post, can you confirm which version you are using?