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J care support renewal date

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J care support renewal date

If warranty of a juniper SA box expired on dec 2008, and if a new support contract is purchased for 1 year in jan 2010. would that contract start from jan 2010 to 1 year onwards or the period missing between b/w dec 2008 and jan 2010 also needs to be covered.

Promt response appreciated.


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ÿ"Re: J care support renewal date"

If the contract has lapsed you need to apply for the "inspection and reinstatement" process. Obviously they don't want people to avoid Jcare and only register when something fails.

I've never had to do this so I can't vouch for how the process works.

Jcare guidelines site

Inspection and Reinstatement Policy

Juniper Networks requires that when (i) the standard warranty has ended, (ii) a previously purchased contract has expired or (iii) there has been a transfer of product ownership, the Juniper equipment must be inspected or a reinstatement fee paid before placing such equipment under a new support services contract. The inspection and reinstatement fee is non-refundable and does not apply to the purchase of the support services contract.

Equipment that has not been inspected or a reinstatement fee processed will be eligible for time and material level of support only at then current rates, and will be subject to minimum charges.

Inspection and Reinstatement Policy

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Re: J care support renewal date

The contract will be from the date of experation forward. You can't skip months.