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JSAM hangs for unknown reasons


JSAM hangs for unknown reasons

Hello Everyone,


I am hoping to pick your brains for some suggestions or ideas.


Some of our users have recently started having issues launching their JSAM sessions.


For some the JSAM sessions window hangs in the loading phase, while others witness "cannot bind to port:443" or "port:80" issues. Sometimes it loads eventually, after hanging for 5 mins.


- No local servers running on ports 80 or 443.

- On test user machine (just one machine so far): Only change has been a push of JInitiator software by IT around the time issues started happening.

- Java is on the latest version, but we do suspect an issue there since WebEx "take over control" option, that relies on Java, wouldn't work on test user PC.

- Rolled-back a change on a Pulse Secure JSAM profile from last week thinking it could be related. No luck.

     -- Did notice a "Warning: A chaching policy for the resource ... has been added to retain original headers" when rolling back the change.. but this wouldn't explain why all these users are having issues.

- Pulse Secure running an old OS, pending upgrade plan approval.

- No Pulse Secure support contract available Smiley Sad

- More and more users are opening incidents which make me believe this is a storm in the making.

- I tried with a test machine from my end and there were no issues, maybe because I do not have the same profile as the users impacted?

     -- Does JSAM do any sanity checks that might cause it to stall indefinetely if configuration doesn't make sense?


Any ideas are more than welcome.

Thank you.



Re: JSAM hangs for unknown reasons

What is the VPN server version?

Any pointers/events recorded on the Java console logs which explains about why the delay is being experienced when invoking JSAM?

Is it happening on Windows or Mac (or both)?

Since this issue could affect the VPN service globally, please talk with your management regarding renewal of support contract, so that a tech case can be opened to investigate further for quicker resolution.
PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert

Re: JSAM hangs for unknown reasons

jinitiator could cause a negative impact (it has been a long time that i have heard of this being used; but if it uses a bound connection to connect, that would fail)
the change to the JSAM config should not impact this
no, it does not do sanity checks
is it the latest jre 8 or 9? i think 9 introduces new failure points