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JSAM on MAC OS 10.10.5 not working


JSAM on MAC OS 10.10.5 not working

Anyone come across an issue with JSAM on a MAC where it tries to create multiple loopback listeners on the same ip ( and port for multiple applications? Dynamic port assignment is enabled but we have multiple web apps using port 80 so what it tries to do is create for the first one, which works fine, but also tries to create another listener on for the second web application. This fails because the socket is already in use. For some reason it's not using 127.0.10.x for the listeners. This is MAC 10.10.5 using JRE 8u60. PCS v 8.1R4.1
We even tried doing the loopback mapping manually like
Server A Port 80 =
Server B Port 80 =
but it still tries to use multiple times.


Re: JSAM on MAC OS 10.10.5 not working

Is it only 10.10.5 showing this?
I would recommend a case so that we can look at it more in-depth